Artstarts Community Citizenship Film Project

Winlaw Students in grade 5 and 6 have met, interviewed and edited a film about one of the many Elders and Seniors that volunteer in our community.  The goal of the project was to provide role models of active citizenship.  Learning to be an active informed citizen is an important part of Social Studies.  During this project students have studied the merits of volunteering, the history of how community resources came to be and befriended people who have lived and worked in our valley for many years. 

To view the videos, select the link below 
Password: Winlaw

This project was supported by an Artists in the Classroom Grant disbursed by Artstarts in Schools and funded by the Province of British Columbia and the BC Arts Council.

Interview with Corky Evans by Flora and Brock


Interview with Craig Lawrence by Brock


Interview with Val Mayes by Alaya and Arlo


Interview with Marilyn James by Flora ana Zoe


Interview with Rita Moir by Hallden and Kayden


Interview with Lois Lawrence by Silas and Mira


Interview with Joanne Ellis by Maddie and Ayla


Interview with Rory Lindsay by Echo and Phoenix


Interview with Lesley Mayfield by Alex and Savannah


Interview with Gregoire Lamoureux by Jolie and Dalah


Interview with Pat Bruderer by Breea and Frank