WILD Program, outdoor classroom with Ms Out

June 23, 2020 - Celebrate Summer Solstice with Wildsight

"Chase the Sun and Moon" video information about summer solstice: 


and try this lesson: pdf attached. Please see below for the most recent attachment



WILD June 12th big idea: Patterns in Nature

Join Wildsight Educators in studying and creating patterns in nature:

Video: https://wildsight.ca/programs/education-at-home/looking-for-patterns-k-7/

Looking for patterns lesson plan: https://wildsight.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/lesson-plan-Looking-for-Patterns.pdf

Symmetry Art lesson plan: https://wildsight.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/lesson-plan-Symmetry-Art.pdf


I've missed the last few weeks so here are three lists of activities, one for each week. Have fun!

June 8th: Tree explorations: Learn about tree life cycles and more at https://wildsight.ca/programs/education-at-home/tree-explorations-k-7/

June 1: The next time you go for a walk make a journey stick, a great way to learn about making maps of your local surroundings: https://www.sustainablelearning.com/resource/journey-sticks-0?destination=teaching-resources/journey%20sticks

May 25: Visit the world of lichen!  Lichen is a very old plant that lives all around us playing a vital role in our ecosystem.  Learn about Lichen here: https://wildsight.ca/programs/education-at-home/the-world-of-lichen-5-7/


May 19, 2020

From our local Environment Educators

CBEEN’s Wild Voices for Kids program is offering on-line presentations by their educators:   https://cbeen.ca/wild-voices-online/

and KBEE has many links to EE websites:   https://kbee.ca/families/


May 11, 2020 WILD activities

Lessons from Wildsight:

Wildlife Walk

Wildsight educator Dave Quinn will take your students on a virtual wildlife walk, sharing some of his discoveries and providing some great ideas and resources. Students are sure to find inspiration to go on their own nature walk, whether in their yard, around the block or in a local wild space. Place-based learning at its finest!

Backyard Tracking

Have you ever wondered what wildlife is moving through your yard when you’re not looking? This engaging lesson plan and activity guides learners in creating their own animal track plot to capture signs of wildlife and learn some basic animal tracking skills.


What is biomimicry? Biomimicry is taking inspiration from nature to solve human challenges. Many people, from doctors and engineers, to physicists and athletes, have looked at what nature does really well, then used these ideas to solve human problems. Students will learn more about biomimicry by watching this video and be motivated to take their own biomimicry challenge in this lesson plan. Who knows, the inspiration for the next great invention might be right in your student’s backyard!

Nature’s Services

Nature is always hard at work providing us with shelter, clean water and air, food, medicine, building materials, a clean environment and many more critical services. Learn more about these nature services, also called ecosystem services, and take a journey to Planet Zork in this exciting lesson straight from Wildsight’s Classroom with Outdoors program.

WILD May 4, 2020  Save the bees

Many of our students have been informed about the current difficulties bees have surviving from our local Bee Awareness volunteers who keep the hive in our library.  Please read the following information about the important work that bees do on our planet and how we can help:


April 27, 2020

For many seed starting and garden activities, this .pdf - Plant a Seed a Day found below has many great ideas and links.
Check out the “Wildlife Inventory Game” and making “seed bombs”.
Students love watching things sprout and grow. This page suggests planting in a plastic bag to observe the whole process.
Enjoy your gardens, Linda Out


April 21, 2020    ....please see four song sheet attachments at bottom of page for Earth Day Songs at Winlaw School

Winlaw WILD celebrates Earth Day:

Traditionally students participate in a community clean-up.  If you go for a walk, please consider bringing a bag to collect litter. 

And Wildsight has a special invitation for students:

Please join  Wildsight in celebrating Earth Day by making nature art in celebration of home.

For this, and other ideas, inspiration and lesson plans, visit Wildsight's "Education at Home" webpage. You can sign up to get our weekly newsletter in your inbox as well.

May we all find ways of "Keeping the Wild in Sight" in these challenging times.

Linda Out and Monica Nissen, Wildsight Education Director


WILD activities from Linda Out,  April 14, 2020

As many birds are returning to our valley, learning about, learning to identify, and learning how to care for birds is fun and interesting.  Here are some links to bird resources: activities and references.  Please explore the sites and go outside and observe the birds.  The stream keepers’ site has lists of local birds.