December 2020

Strong Start Update
Dearest Slocan Valley SS Families,
I truly regret to inform you that there will not be any in person Strong Start programming offered at WEG, Winlaw, and BK Elementary schools at this time. Although disappointing, I know we can stay connected and explore fun, learning and connection in a variety of ways. All comments, concerns and suggestions are welcome at .  I know that together we will make this an enriching and enjoyable experience!
Many thanks and much love
Pati McLaughlin - Slocan Valley Strong Start Facilitator

Strong Start Online
10:00 – 11:00 AM
Say Hi to friends and share songs, rhyme, and stories, with Pati!

Dear Parents/Caregivers regarding Zoom Access:
By joining through Zoom you understand that there are potential service & confidentiality limitations. Any internet-based communication is not 100% guaranteed to be secure/confidential. By joining the zoom session, you are agreeing that Pati McLaughlin and W. E. Graham Community Service Society should not be held responsible if any outside party gains access to ZOOM personal or confidential information by bypassing their security measures.

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